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A registered dietitian with a passion for helping other dietitians grow their business. I've supported over 150 dietitian businesses in the past 2.5 years with the help of my amazing team of assistants.

Hi there, I'm
Kat Durston, RDN!


I got my first degree in art and design! When I decided to go back to school for nutrition, I wanted to find a job that helped me combine the two together. So, at the start of my Senior year, Flourish was born!

I was recently honored to accept the MiAND award for 2024 Public Relations Dietitian.

Now, I not only run the Flourish team, but I also teach other aspiring virtual assistants how to start and grow their company through speaking engagements, online courses, and other resources. 

We are proud to say we all have at least 2+ years of nutrition education! Flourish is a mix of dietitians, graduate interns, and dietetic students. 

I have an amazing team of assistants with me! Every assistant at Flourish has unique skillsets that allow us to help a wide variety of clients.

I couldn't do this all on my own.

My amazing team!

Hi! My name is Ashley! I am currently in the middle of getting my masters in Clinical Dietetics at Grand Valley State University. I will graduate in 2024 and hopefully will pursue my dream job of being a private practice dietitian! Outside of school, I love to spend my time at the gym, trying new restaurants or coffee shops, hanging out with my friends, and creating content for myself and other dietitians!

Get to know the Flourish team!

Ashley Teltow

Hey there! I'm Jordyn, and I'm entering my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I'm on track to graduate next spring with a BS in Dietetics and have plans to pursue my master's degree and complete a dietetic internship. Combining my lifelong passions for art, design, and nutrition, I couldn't be happier with my role at Flourish. It's a dream job where I have the opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule, share evidence-based nutrition, and continuously enhance my design and marketing skills.

Jordyn Springer

Hello! My name is Bailey! I graduated last year with a BS in Food and Nutrition, and I am currently completing my masters degree in Clinical Dietetics at Grand Valley State University! I will be graduating in Spring of 2025, and plan to become a Registered Dietitian shortly after! I could not be more grateful to be a part of this amazing team at Flourish, and to help clients grow their platforms and businesses! I too hope to have my own business one day, helping individuals grow in their health and nutrition journey! My interests are specifically focused in functional nutrition, intuitive eating, sports and performance, and holistic health!

Bailey Birdsall

My name is Lexi and I am a Clinical Dietetics masters student at Grand Valley State University. I am a retired member of the women’s soccer team at Grand Valley, but I continue to stay active through yoga, lifting, and running! Growing up, I have always had an interest in food, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through my education, I've grown to love learning about the effects nutrition has on cognition and mental health, maternal health, hormonal balances, and holistic approaches in nutritional medicine. 

Alexa Morello

Jordan Elseroad

I graduated from Christopher Newport University with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, and Physiological biology and a minor in psychology in 2023. I am currently enrolled at University of New England for my Master of Science in Applied Nutrition and will be starting my dietetic internship in May of 2024. My goal is to have my own private practice after graduation specializing in GI! Some of my hobbies include lifting, spending time with family and friends, hiking/being outdoors, finding cute coffee shops, and reading!

My name is Sarah Firebaugh and I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorders and intuitive eating! I earned my B.S. in Foods & Nutrition from San Diego State University, completed my dietetic internship with Utah State University, and now reside in San Francisco, CA. With a background in both nutrition and public relations, my love for supporting other dietitians with their practices and virtual needs was born!! Outside of work, I love to stay active, try out nearby restaurants, test new recipes, and spend time with friends and family.

Sarah Firebaugh, RD

Kiara Joseph, RD

Hey there! I'm Kiara, a registered dietitian passionate about nutrition communications. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with both my bachelors and master degree, and specialized in eating disorders during my dietetic internship there. I currently am on the RD Team at Ketchum, blending nutrition education with PR and marketing initiatives. With 3 years of marketing experience, including roles at All Access Dietetics and internships with dietitians, I've become immersed in the nutrition communications world. I love how we can use our nutrition education to create expert informed strategies. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new restaurants, cycling, yoga, and diving into romance and murder mystery books!

Hey! My name is Ayanna! I have a BS in Nutritional Science with an emphasis on Applied Nutrition and Food Sciences, and I'm really passionate about health and wellness. Right now, I'm working towards becoming a dietitian and hoping to open my own practice someday. Besides my studies, I'm working with other dietitians with Virtual Assistant needs for their private practice. I'm a huge foodie and can't live without my ice coffee fix! Exploring different cuisines is my thing, and I love trying new dishes from around the world. Traveling and spending weekends at the beach are my favorite ways to unwind and find inspiration. Overall, I'm driven by both academic ambition and helping others, and I'm excited to see where my journey in nutrition takes me.

Ayanna DeVance

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